Mrs. Joan Miller | Legacy Private School | Omaha, NE | Pre-6th Grade

Mrs. Joan Miller

Mrs. Joan Miller

Science Specialist


Mrs. Miller holds a Bachelors Degree in Speech & Language Therapy.  She has been with Legacy since 2009, teaching Preschool, PreK and Italian Enrichment. She has been the Science Specialist at Legacy since 2016.

I enjoy working with each and every student. Through hands-on experiments, students get to see the “real world” of Science. They get to tinker, learn, and explore through their 5 senses; something a student doesn’t get from just reading a Science textbook.

What is your education background?

  • Bachelors Degree in Speech & Language Therapy (TCU)

What is your work experience that relates to children?

Prior coming to Legacy, I taught speech and language therapy classes in the public school. I have now taught at Legacy since 2009.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy painting chairs for charity events.

If your child has an interest in science Mrs. Miller will challenge them; giving your child the opportunity to explore science both inside and outside the classroom. Hands on curriculum is a must for all science classes and with our 11 Acres Of Land we have the space for it.


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