Mrs. Renee Cole

Mrs. Renee Cole



Mrs. Cole holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Counseling. She has previously worked as a teacher assistant at Legacy and has experience working with students and families for over 15 years.

I adore this school and its staff! I look forward to supporting and serving Legacy’s students, their families, and the staff who are working with them.

What is your education background?

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Counseling (Wayne State)

What is your work experience that relates to children?

For over 15 years, I worked with families and students by providing family support and counseling. With that said, I worked for Youth for Christ/Campus life, providing ministry to Middle School/High School students. I then became a substitute paraprofessional and a teacher assistant, and 1 of those years was at Legacy!

What are your interests and hobbies?

I just love people! I also enjoy mentoring, nature, reading, coffee shops, sitting outside, enjoying time with my family, and hanging out/walking with friends.


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