6 Ways Your Kids Can Help Make Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving is indulging in some great food. And what better way to prepare it than including your kids! Here are six ways your kids can help make Thanksgiving dinner!

6 Ways Your Kids Can Help Make Thanksgiving Dinner


  1. Count
    1. Count out the green beans for the green bean casserole, the number of potatoes you plan to use for the mashed potatoes, or the number of apples for the apple pie!
  2. Sort
    1. Grab a bag of multi-colored (red and golden) mashed potatoes and have your kids sort them! Have a bowl for the red potatoes and have another bowl for the golden potatoes. As a bonus, have your kids count how many red potatoes they have and how many golden potatoes they have. Then discuss which of the potatoes you have more of, less of, etc.
  3. Measure
    1. Whether liquid or solid ingredients, have your kids tell you when to stop pouring. Make it into a game by asking them “more” or “just right” until you reach the correct amount of ingredients. Not afraid of a little mess? Have the kids help measure and put the ingredients in! It’s all part of the experience!

School-Age (Kindergarten-6th Grade)

  1. Read
    1. Whether from a family recipe card or your favorite pinned Pinterest recipes, let your child help read the recipe! Have them read the ingredients, measurements, and directions step-by-step by helping them sound each word out!
  2. Layer
    1. To help kids understand the concept of first, second, and third, have them help layer casserole dishes such as green bean casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, and sweet potato casserole! This activity will help them recall what all went into the recipe!
  3. Cut
    1. Under the supervision of an adult, have your child practice cutting with a kitchen scissors. Have them cut green onions for the stuffing or bacon pieces for the top of a green bean casserole!

For more ways on how your kids can help make Thanksgiving Dinner, visit: https://blog.goodeggs.com/blog/15-ways-kids-can-help-with-the-thanksgiving-meal. Happy cooking and Happy Thanksgiving!

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