6 Social Distancing Activities to Allow Kids to be Kids

Now more than ever, it is important to give kids the ability to be kids. With social distancing becoming the new “norm” in Omaha, Nebraska, and summer on the way, kids are going to want to be outside with their friends more than ever. With that in mind, what kind of social distancing activities allow kids to be kids?

6 Social Distancing Activities to Allow Kids to be Kids

Play front yard BINGO

Gather the neighbor kids into their own front (or back) yard. Then, have them each get a BINGO card. Find bingo cards online as there are several websites allow you to create your own themed cards. Email them out to the neighbors and have them print their own card. Then you can use something like Zoom to video chat letting one person be the “caller”. This could be done outside or you could do this from inside as well. Get creative!

Driveway Dance Party

Roundup in your own driveways and bust out the moves. Dance your hearts out! 

Looking Glass Tic-Tac-Toe

Use painter’s tape to mark off a Tic-Tac-Toe board on a window or sliding glass door. One person stays inside and the friend stays outside. Use dry erase markers, window clings, shaving cream, etc. to play a new version of an old favorite.

Chalk Stories

Pick your “6-foot” sidewalk space and divide it off between your friends. Each of you creates a part of a story making it all come together when it’s finished. The story can be something simple or complex, depending on the age of the children.

What’s in My Yard Scavenger Hunt

Have children find unique things from your yard and take pictures of them (or they can just write down the objects). Then, they can share the pictures/notes with their friends from across the driveway and see who has the same items and who has something different. Encourage them to discuss these items with other children in the neighborhood. 

Attend Legacy School’s Summer Send-Off Parade on May 15, 2020

Legacy School staff will be backed into parking spaces at Legacy School to wave their students off to summer! Staff members are decorating their cars/trucks in a summer theme: think beach balls, beach towels, flamingos, summer music, and more!! We will be providing ample space for parents to drive in/out of our parking lot during the parade. Want to join in on the summer fun? You can decorate your cars too!

To avoid the congestion of traffic on the street and in our parking lot, we are suggesting that families come at the specified time frame below. It is encouraged that you come at the specified time, but not required as we know each family’s schedule looks a little bit different these days.

2:00 PM: Strohm, Rueb (MWF), Mingo (AM), Huber

2:15 PM: Rueb (T/Th), Mingo (PM), Albright

2:30 PM: Weber, Facca, Whitehill

2:45 PM: Wyant, Timmermann, Chapman

3:00 PM: Jensen, Gatewood

There are so many social distancing activities that can be done while keeping children healthy and safe yet still allowing them to be kids. We hope our Legacy School families have a great summer and we look forward to seeing many of you back at school in the Fall. 

Blog written by guest blogger: Legacy School secretary, CeeJae Cooper

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