Enrichment at Legacy School

STEAM, Spanish, Sign Language, Life Skills, and Art – all afternoon enrichment classes at Legacy School! Who is Enrichment for? What is it? And what do the classes entail?

Who is Enrichment for?

Legacy’s afternoon enrichment program allows students in Junior-Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten to experience a full day of learning. Students in Pre-K and Jr-K first attend their morning class, then have lunch/recess, then go to one of the five enrichment classes.

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment classes give students the ability to take their learning one step further. With this multi-faceted program, students have the chance to expand their skills in a small group setting by rotating through five different areas every five weeks. These supplemental classes include the following five subjects.

  1. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)
  2. Spanish
  3. Sign Language
  4. Life Skills
  5. Art

Legacy School’s Enrichment Classes


STEAM classes offer hands-on experiences with technology and math. While in STEAM, students tinker and build with a variety of manipulatives and engineering-based centers. This month, STEAM is all about pumpkins! Students begin with a pumpkin investigation. They describe what a pumpkin looks like, how many lines and seeds are there are, and ideas on how to carve it. They will also compare pumpkins to apples and will study how a pumpkin decomposes by breaking them in the Legacy School garden.

STEAM Enrichment



Spanish gives students the ability to immerse themselves in a second language. Students are introduced to the language while learning basic vocabulary through games, songs, and fun activities. This month, students will begin learning the calendar in Spanish, which will include learning numbers, days, and months. They will also start learning the names of animals in Spanish!

Spanish Enrichment


Sign Language

Sign Language introduces children to the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) through games, songs, books, and fine motor skill practice. This month, students will learn the signs for various animals (forest animals, farm animals, and ocean animals).

Sign Language Enrichment


Life Skills

Life Skills provides young learners with the necessary skills needed in the 21st century. These skills include social skills like communication and collaboration with peers, mental skills like problem-solving and decision-making, and physical skills like tying a shoe or washing hands before a meal. This month, students will practice independently putting on cold-weather clothing. They will practice everything from fixing inside-out sleeves to putting on coats, boots, shoes, hats, and gloves.

Life Skills Enrichment



Art equips children with knowledge of basic art skills and how to implement them in their works of art. Students will learn concepts such as texture, lines, shapes, and colors. This month, students will be using primary colors to make secondary colors with some fun color mixing activities. Students will also make pop art-inspired pieces, sing songs about colors, and listen to books like Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Art Enrichment


The Legacy Private School in Omaha Advantage

A New Choice in Education

Take A Tour

Thank you for your interest in Legacy School. We encourage you to schedule a tour and see what makes our school unique! Classes, differentiated instruction and high academic standards all in a private school setting. Our 11 acres of land provide an outdoor education you will not see anywhere else. We invite you to come tour our school today!

Outdoor Education

Legacy School sits on 11 acres of land, allowing for expressive, outdoor educational experiences for all students. Our outdoor learning and playing space allows for real world experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. We utilize our unique location, with 11 acres of land for outdoor education and outdoor play, thus giving students a chance to spend more time in an outdoor education setting. New to Legacy School is a barnyard that holds both chickens and goats and a farm to table garden.

Legacy Scholarship

We are proud to unveil our new Legacy School Scholarship Program. Students who attend Legacy from 1st-6th grade are eligible for a $500 scholarship towards higher learning. This scholarship can be used for college or trade school upon graduation from high school. With that said, we are very excited to give back to our students as we know each child has the potential to succeed at whatever goal they set for themselves. We can’t wait to help your student celebrate their high school accomplishments and for them to continue onto their higher education journey.

Contact us for any questions!