Legacy School Kindergarten Students Complete PBL on Toy Drive

Students in Mrs. Wyant’s Kindergarten class just finished up their PBL Project on the Toy Drive! The toy drive was part of a school-wide Giving Tree Project for December.

Mrs. Wyant chose the Toy Drive as her project so that it would be relevant and meaningful to her students during the holiday season. What is PBL, and how did Mrs. Wyant’s Kindergarten class incorporate the toy drive into their learning?

What is PBL?

Several times a year, students in all Legacy School elementary classrooms get to partake in project-based learning projects.  These projects are driven by a question in which students actively search for an answer. This gives students the ability to develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and leadership capabilities in a classroom setting. For more information on what project-based learning encompasses and why Legacy School implements it visit our blog post on “Project-Based Learning and How it Helps Students Engage in Their Learning.”

Mrs. Wyant’s Kindergarten Toy Drive PBL Questions

All PBL projects begin with a question. The first question that Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Wyant posed was, “How do we let people know about the Toy Drive?”

To answer the question, students first brainstormed some ideas. Then, they narrowed down the list and chose a couple of great ways to get the word out about the Toy Drive. They created posters to hang around the school, included updates during morning announcements, and decorated the lobby with artwork and holiday lights!

Toy Drive PBL Advertisting Ideas Toy Drive PBL Directed Drawings

The first driving question led to another question, “How do we get the toys to Project Harmony so that they can get to the children in need by Christmas?” The kids brainstormed again and decided the best solution was to have volunteers from Project Harmony come to the school.

Mrs. Wyant’s Kindergarten Toy Drive PBL Activities

To further learning on their Toy Drive PBL project, students also completed activities in the areas of Math,  Social Studies, Literature, and Art.


  1. Made predictions on how many toys would be brought in before the drive started
  2. Counted and graphed how many toys came in each day

Toy Drive PBL Guesses Toy Drive PBL Daily Count

Social Studies

  1. Focused on community
  2. Learned about needs vs. wants
  3. Understood what it means to help others who are in need
  4. Discussed who community helpers are


  1. Wrote in journals each day about the Toy Drive, including ideas for toys and wants vs. needs
  2. Read holiday books with the themes of “giving” and “helping others”


  1. Created posters and directed drawings of toys to hang around the school

Toy Drive

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