Omaha Elementary Private School is Adding Classrooms

Legacy School, a private school in Omaha, Nebraska, is expanding. Construction is underway on the east side of the school’s building. This is due to the addition of four new elementary classrooms.

Legacy School’s New Elementary Classrooms

Upon completion, each grade level, from kindergarten through 6th Grade, will have their own classroom.

The Need For Additional Classrooms

When Legacy School (located at 166th and Ida streets) was built three years ago, the original elementary plan was to have combined classrooms – for example: 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th/6th. Fast forward three years later, and our elementary private school Omaha program has taken off! So much, that four additional classrooms are needed. Now, there will be a classroom for each grade. (kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th) VIDEO: The concrete for the NEW elementary classrooms was poured on Tuesday, July 16.

Why Was There a Need?

Many parents who are looking for private schools in Omaha choose our elementary school program for their child’s primary education for three reasons.

First, all teachers are trained and skilled in tailoring each student’s education to their strengths. This means students don’t get left behind if they don’t understand a concept. Instead, teacher’s seek out the best way the child learns to strengthen that child’s understanding.

Second, class sizes are kept extremely small compared to other area Omaha public and private schools. Each classroom has one teacher, a teacher assistant, and is capped at 18 students. Low student-teacher ratio ensures each student receives the highest quality of education.

Third, Legacy School sits on 11 acres of land, giving students the ability to learn and explore outside the classroom in addition to inside the classroom. Often, teachers bring their lessons outdoors, which helps students retain the subject at hand by providing real world experiences.

A Few Words About the Expansion

“We never thought we would have to expand our building in just three years of being here,” said administrator, Buffy Baca. “The overwhelming support of our elementary program and the community of parents, teachers, and students have made this elementary expansion possible.”

The Legacy Private School in Omaha Advantage

A New Choice in Education

Take A Tour

Thank you for your interest in Legacy School. We encourage you to schedule a tour and see what makes our school unique! Classes, differentiated instruction and high academic standards all in a private school setting. Our 11 acres of land provide an outdoor education you will not see anywhere else. We invite you to come tour our school today!

Outdoor Education

Legacy School sits on 11 acres of land, allowing for expressive, outdoor educational experiences for all students. Our outdoor learning and playing space allows for real world experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. We utilize our unique location, with 11 acres of land for outdoor education and outdoor play, thus a chance to spend more time in an outdoor education setting. New to Legacy School this year is a barnyard that holds both chickens and goats and a farm to table garden.

Legacy Scholarship

We are proud to unveil our new Legacy School Scholarship Program. Students who attend Legacy from 1st grade are eligible for a $500 scholarship towards higher learning. This scholarship can be used for college or trade school upon graduation from high school. We are very excited to give back to our students. We know each child has the potential to succeed at whatever goal they set for themselves. Can’t wait to help your student celebrate their high school accomplishments and continue to their higher education.

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