Why Outdoor Learning is Becoming the “New” Classroom

Imagine this: You are back in 1st grade, patiently waiting for recess to arrive. You check the clock and you still have 2 hours until recess. You think to yourself, “How am I going to make it to recess?”. Students patiently wait for recess due to the vast need to explore and discover the world around them. But time outside doesn’t just have to be at recess, as it is important to bring classroom to life in an outdoor learning setting. Why?

Why Outdoor Learning is Becoming the “New” Classroom

Outdoor learning is engaging


  • actively participate
  • ask more questions
  • have a natural sense of wonder

Outdoor learning encourages resilience

Teaches students to:

  • not give up easily
  • seize opportunities
  • seek out new challenges
  • never stop learning

Outdoor learning gives contact to the natural world

Students are able to:

  • develop appreciation for nature
  • establish a lifelong love for the outdoors
  • develop an understanding of how to take care of the environment

Outdoor learning cultivates 21st century skills

Students develop:

  • imagination
  • inventiveness
  • resourcefulness

Outdoor learning provides an active lifestyle

Gives students:

  • opportunities for physical activity
  • freedom and movement
  • a sense of well-being

11 Acres of Land at Legacy School

Legacy School sits on 11 acres of land, allowing for expressive, outdoor educational experiences for all students. Legacy’s 11 acres of land include the following:

  • Barnyard with goats and chickens
  • Farm to table garden
  • Wood block building
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Gaga Pits
  • Nature Trails
  • Baseball Field
  • Soccer Field
  • Obstacle Course
  • Picnic Areas

Teachers at Legacy understand the importance of being outside. Each day, they build their lessons by creatively integrating nature into traditional classroom learning. In nature, children are inspired to explore and investigate while feeding their natural curiosity for the world around them.  

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