Staff Spotlight: Kitchen Team 2021-22

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, we are spotlighting all of our wonderful school staff on our blog! Next up, our kitchen staff spotlight. Kitchen staff includes Mrs. Nichole Larson (kitchen manager) and Mrs. Lusina Kavan (kitchen assistant).

Please read below to learn more about our kitchen staff: How many years they’ve been at Legacy, something unique about themselves, and some of their favorites!

Kitchen Staff Spotlight


Mrs. Nichole Larson (aka Cookie): Kitchen ManagerKitchen Staff 3

Number of years working at Legacy School: four years

My favorite thing about Legacy School is: the kitchen, my friend/coworker, and the littles.

The most rewarding part of working at Legacy is: I get to do what I love for others.

Something fun/unique you might not know about me is: I taught high school for 17 years.


Some of “Cookie’s” Favorites

Dessert: vanilla ice cream w/ peanut butter

Hobby: cooking

Coffee shop: Starbucks


Mrs. Lusina Kavan: Kitchen AssistantKitchen Staff 2

Number of years working at Legacy School3 years

My favorite thing about Legacy School is: working in the kitchen and learning something every day.

The most rewarding part of working at Legacy is: seeing the smiles on kids’ faces after seeing the lunches.

Something fun/unique you might not know about me is: I’m Hispanic and can’t speak Spanish!


Some of Mrs. Kavan’s Favorites

Cookie: white chocolate macadamia nut

Take-out restaurant: Union Pizza

Sports team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers



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