Welcome to the Science/Nature Center

Welcome to the Science Nature Center. A space where students receive hands-on science and nature lessons by teacher, Mrs. Miller. When you enter and turn around the corner you will see round tables and chairs for collaborative learning and a variety of reptiles in glass cases. Since we just received a NEW reptile, we thought, “What a better time to explain all of our reptiles!”.

Reptiles in the Science Nature Center

Corn Snake: Schmoe

Corn Snake: Schmoe Science Nature Center Legacy Private School

Schmoe, the Corn Snake, has been in the Science and Nature Center since the beginning. Schmoe boosts a vibrant orange color with red stripes on his back. Schmoe is a meat eater, and on average, he eats one small mouse once to twice a week. Corn snakes can live up to 23 years if cared by a human. Contrary to popular belief, corn snakes do not bite like other snakes. Scroll down all the way down to meet his new friend, Ziena, who is also a corn snake!


Leopard Gecko: Yoshi

Leopard Gecko: Yoshi Science Nature Center

Yoshi, Legacy’s leopard gecko, has leopard like spots, hence the name leopard gecko. Yoshi can grow up to 9 inches and can live up to 10 years. He is nocturnal and comes out at night for food. (Getting his picture taken during the day wasn’t his favorite) Yoshi primarily eats crickets, but loves all other kinds of insects as well. Interesting fact: leopard geckos have detachable tails, so if a predator were to grab it, the gecko would have time to escape.


Bearded Dragons: Leo & Marge

Bearded Dragons: Leo & Marge


Leo and Marge, the bearded dragons, have also been in the Science and Nature Center since the beginning. They both have triangular heads with pointy ridges along their sides. Leo and Marge like to primarily eat leafy greens, but on occasion likes to eat insects as well. Bearded dragons grow to be 16 to 24 inches long and are active during the day, making them a great reptile pet.

Bearded Dragons

Tortoises: Arturo and Althea

Tortoises: Arturo and Althea

Tortoises, Arturo and Althea, spend their days at a slow pace. The top of their shell is called the carapace and the bottom of their shell is called the plastron. Tortoises are active during the day and enjoy eating grasses and leafy greens. Fun Fact: Tortoises have a beak but no teeth and no external ears, just two small holes on the side of their head.



Bahama Anole: Rocky

Green Anoles: Zander and Emery

Green Anoles: Zander and Emery

Legacy’s Science & Nature center has one Bahama Anole named Rocky and two Green Anoles named Zander and Emery. Rocky is brown in color while Zander and Emery are green in color. Their average adult size is 5 to 8 inches and can live up to 3 years in proper care. An anoles diet consists of crickets and mealworms and they eat almost daily. Just like geckos, anoles, if frightened might drop their tails if they feel threatened. No worries, their tail will grow back, just not in the same size and color.


NEW: Corn Snake Zeina

NEW: Corn Snake Zeina

New to the Science/Nature Center is corn snake, Zeina. She was donated to Legacy School/Camp Legacy by a fellow friend of Legacy School. She is orange and red in color. Zeina eats, on average, once to twice a week and eats a slightly larger mouse than Schmoe, our other corn snake.






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