Omaha Private School Elementary Expansion Completed

We can’t wait to share the exciting news! As of Monday, November 11th, the elementary expansion is complete at Legacy School, a private school in Omaha, Nebraska. On Monday morning, teachers along with the administration team worked together to transform each classroom from bare walls to beautiful classrooms. Then, by Wednesday, November 13th, students got to walk into their new classrooms for the first time.

Elementary Expansion: From the Ground Up

When the Legacy School building (located at 166th and Ida street in Omaha) was built three years ago, the original elementary school plan was to have combined classrooms – for example: 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th/6th. We found out quickly, that each classroom would need its own grade. Now that the elementary expansion construction is done, each grade will have its own classroom.

A few students from our elementary classrooms were asked what they are most excited about for their new classrooms. Below are a few of their answers.

Legacy School 4th grader

“Big whiteboards! As well as small whiteboards. This will help us work together as a class as well as with our small groups.”

Legacy School 5th grader

“Space. I love that we have the ability to go to different stations throughout the room.”

Building lifelong learners

Legacy School offers private, nonsectarian education for children Preschool-6th Grade. While at Legacy, students receive an education that is unique, as well as one that challenges them to achieve the highest standards possible. From the first time students enter the classroom, they receive instruction based on where they are at developmentally. This gives students the ability to grow in an environment that allows them to achieve beyond what is possible.

When students work one-on-one with a teacher or in small groups with students similar to them, lifelong learners are born. Because of these small groups, students feel confident in their work and continue to strive to learn more.

The Legacy Private School in Omaha Advantage | Private Preschool – 6th Grade Schools Omaha

A New Choice in Education

Take A Tour

Thank you for your interest in Legacy School. We encourage you to schedule a tour and see what makes our school unique! Classes, differentiated instruction and high academic standards all in a private school setting. Our 11 acres of land provide an outdoor education you will not see anywhere else. We invite you to come tour our school today!

Outdoor Education

Legacy School sits on 11 acres of land, allowing for expressive, outdoor educational experiences for all students. Our outdoor learning and playing space allows for real world experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. We utilize our unique location, with 11 acres of land for outdoor education and outdoor play, thus a chance to spend more time in an outdoor education setting. New to Legacy School this year is a barnyard that holds both chickens and goats and a farm to table garden.

Legacy Scholarship

We are proud to unveil our new Legacy School Scholarship Program. Students who attend Legacy from 1st grade are eligible for a $500 scholarship towards higher learning. This scholarship can be used for college or trade school upon graduation from high school. We are very excited to give back to our students. We know each child has the potential to succeed at whatever goal they set for themselves. Can’t wait to help your student celebrate their high school accomplishments and continue to their higher education.

Contact us for any questions!