Summer Reading List 2021: Books for Kids

School is out, and summer has officially begun! During the summer, reading might not be the first thing that pops into your child’s mind. But, did you know research indicates that two months of reading skills are lost over a single summer? To prevent summer reading loss, open a few good books with your child this summer!

Summer Reading List 2021: Books for Kids

To help you get started on summer reading, we’ve compiled book recommendations from three Legacy School teachers. There’s five suggested books from each age group: Preschool, PreK/JrK, and Elementary.

Preschool Summer Reading List

Suggestions by Preschool teacher, Mrs. Behrens


Mrs. Cindy Behrens

What Do You Do With a ChanceLMNOpeas  The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cat's Colors Listen Buddy



  1. What Do You Do With a Chance? | By Kobi Yamada
    • This book is a great one to help our children understand taking chances, what happens when missing a chance, and getting a second chance. It is also about not being fearful and taking risks, as you may miss a significant opportunity.
  2. LMNOpeas | By Keith Baker
    • This book helps review letters in a fun way. Also, the peas share all the different occupations kids can be and how they are unique.
  3. The Hungry Caterpillar | By Eric Carle
    • A true classic! This book reviews the days of the week and depicts how eating healthy/unhealthy makes us feel. It also teaches the concept of metamorphosis as the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.
  4. Cat’s Colors | By Jane Cabrera
    • This book is a cute book from a cat’s point of view in learning about colors and relating colors to things around him. It also has a sweet ending!
  5. Listen Buddy | By Helen Lester
    • A great book to teach and review about listening and the importance of listening: this is a challenging concept for children, and I believe we have to keep reminding them and guiding them so they can be successful not just in school but in life.

PreK/JrK Summer Reading List

Suggestions by PreK teacher, Mrs. Huber


Mrs. Nancy Huber

And Then Comes Summer The Backyard Bug Book for Kids Growing Vegetable Soup Summer Days & Nights Zoo



  1. And Then Comes Summer | By Tom Brenner
    • All of your child’s senses will come into play as you read this story!
  2. The Backyard Bug Book for Kids | By Lauren Davidson
    • This book is filled with stories, pictures, and activities for nature-loving kids!
  3. Growing Vegetable Soup | By Lois Ehlert
    • Your child will love feeling like an expert when you read this story about planting a garden! They will recognize the tools and process from Science class when we planted the Legacy School garden earlier this Spring.
  4. Summer Days and Nights | By Wong Yee
    • Not sure what to do today? You’ll find fun summer activities in this sweet summer read.
  5. Zoo | By: Gail Gibbons
    • Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at the zoo? You’ll find out in this adorable book. This story is the perfect read before a trip to the zoo!

Elementary Summer Reading List

Suggestions by 1st Grade teacher, Mrs. Chapman


Mrs. Kate ChapmanSwashby and the Sea Dear Dragon A Normal Pig Chicken In Space Don't Worry, Bee Happy



  1. Swashby and the Sea | By Beth Ferry
    • A cute story about intergenerational friendship that is beautifully illustrated!
  2. Dear Dragon: A Pen Pal Tale | By Josh Funk
    • A fun story written in letter and poetry form about two pen pals who do not realize that they are very different but share the same interests.
  3. A Normal Pig | By K-Fai Steele
    • A fantastic story about embracing and enjoying all our differences.
  4. Chicken in Space | By Adam Lehrhaupt
    • A cute story about big dreams, positive attitudes, and solving problems.
  5. Don’t Worry, Bee Happy | By Ross Burach
    • A fun, easy reader for those who are still working on reading.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Keep reading, and we’ll see everyone back at school in August!

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